So here we are trying to hash things out as Americans and well so many of you cannot handle the truth nor can you handle civil discourse. If you wish to comment to a post anyones post please do so as you would like to be responded too we have enough butt heads in DC. More Blogs soon to follow and you will see my thoughts and political views start to Form.. Do not jump to conclusions just yet….Celtic Crier


There will be an extended blog later but I have to say: She needs to go home and take care of her house first. As for being Christian well if so why align yourself with a seeker sensitive denomination.  She seems to be interested in power and attention. If she wants attention so bad have her go home and show America what a Godly woman should look like. I also get confused, is she MR or Mrs Palin cause I rarely see Mr Palin being the man he needs to be.
As for the Tea party well it is a bunch of emotional hype, when it may come to the use of arms, they bolt from discussion. The subject must be approached.  The petitions have done nothing.   They remind me of the ones who ran while others suffered and died with Washington.  Sunshine patriots most of them are!  To have Sarah Palin supporting them cool, if it was in Alaska but they could have picked someone with the drive to finish the Governorship despite the problems and possible turmoil, would you really want someone to run when the going got a little tough?  Think about it.  More to Follow,
The Celtic Crier